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About DSPB Limited

DSPB Limited started out working with customers to unlock extra value from their financial systems. We have worked with CODA Financials® and Sage 200®.

DSPB Limited is headed up by Dan Barton.

From 2000 to 2011 Dan worked as the head of the CODA (later UNIT4) Bespoke development team in Nottingham.
The team’s core business was interfacing data in and out of CODA.

As a result Dan knows the capabilities of CODA integration in depth; this includes using its various APIs (XMLi, Web Services, Table Link et al), and how to use them in the real world.

Dan also knows how to run projects that deliver complex CODA integrations:
- Managing a team of analysts, developers and QA staff;
- Managing the deliverables into the customer, including engaging all their stakeholders at the right part of the project lifecycle;
- Identifying risks early in the cycle, and designing systems in such a way as to avoid them.

Our core competency is technical - in particular adding functionality to, and interfacing into financial systems - both CODA and Sage.

We have a long list of very happy customers; this is a result of a lot of hard work - we feel there is no real point in delivering a project unless it is well received.

A large amount of the energy we put into a project is in building relationships with the people it will affect, to ensure that everyone knows what is coming down the line. This work heavily tips the scales in favour of project success - and this is before we actually start work on the core deliverables themselves.

The focus on these, the items that actually 'do the job', is to deliver something that works in the real world. This applies to every sort of project, whatever the deliverable. It may be a document analysing a situation/process and making recommendations for changes, or maintaining the status quo, other documents, software components themselves, or the shortest of projects, such as a helpdesk call.

DSPB Limited maintains relationships with various other independent CODA experts, both on the Technical and Application/Functional Accounting side. This allows us to offer skills at competitive rates across the full CODA landscape.

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To all of you, from all of us at DSPB Limited - Thank you for reading this far, we hope your find this site useful.

Daniel Barton