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Callable link

Callable link has been around with CODA since the early days. It is an excellent set of tools, most useful for loading elements, documents and running matching. Nowadays it takes a back seat to XMLi, for which there are a number of reasons:

  • like XMLi it requires a licence separate from standard product;
  • XMLi has very much greater capabilities;
  • it is designed to be used from the 'older technologies' such as C, C++, VB etc.

In other words, it probably isn't cheaper, it doesn't do as much and we think it is harder to use than XMLi;

Nevertheless it has a place, not least because it used to be heavily used, so there are a number of legacy applications out there that utilise it.

What can it do?

Its most sophisticated functions allow elements and documents to be loaded into CODA, and for matching runs to be controlled.

How does it do it?

Callable link is a collection of many specific technical calls to core CODA. They have to be used in precisely the right way, with precisely the right data passed for everything to work smoothly. When used correctly they are a very good, clean, efficient way of driving CODA's inherent functionality. When there is a mistake somewhere in the code they can be very difficult to understand and thus time consuming to track down the problem.

How can we help?

In practice we would always strongly recommend using XMLi for any new developments. For pre-existing code that needs maintaining - bug fixes or changes - we are very happy to assist. This can take the form of working with your development team, or actually taking on support of the code you already have.

If you do have any needs in this area then we are happy to spend time with you exploring the best ways to proceed. Please use thecontacts page as a starting point for any discussions.