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CODA has a very strong technical architecture, which has many benefits. In this context it becomes very easy to customise virtually any screen you see in the standard product. CODA has a great tool, called eCustomiser, that permits the customisation of virtually all of the screens in any of its browser-based products. This is in addition to the general colour schemes you can add/change through the normal CODA front end.

eCustomiser is a specialist tool that is provided with CODA products that works by allowing you to load a representation of a product screen, and to then use an on-screen tool to make the changes you need. These are then saved to a new file.

What can it do?

Any of the input fields you see on a screen can be moved around, or hidden. You can also add extra text labels. This gives the possibility for adding 'hard wired' on-screen help. The net effect can be a system much more tailored to a specific company's need with very user-friendly screens. This, in itself; can cut down on time spent on training and increase productivity.

If you should need new input fields added to a screen then you will need a different tool from eCustomiser. Please see the sections on XMLi and web services for more detail.

How does it do it?

Back in the front end proper, when you log onto the product, it will load the original product screen. Before it displays it CODA will then also load the new file, and apply the customisations it finds to the 'standard' product screen. Once this is complete the screen will be displayed at the front end - with all the changes as made with the eCustomiser tool.

How can we help?

The eCustomiser tool is not especially hard to use, but a lot of people find it rather technical; for example, when designing the new look and feel of a screen, the tool doesn't actually show you what it will look like. The tool shows a representation only; it takes time to understand this and use the tool efficiently.

We have experience of this and will produce customised screens for you, quickly and cost effectively.