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Web services

Web services is a reasonably well known phrase in the industry nowadays. Its original intention was to make a software product's functionality available across a network in a technology agnostic fashion. In many cases the 'network' is the internet; but it doesn't have to be - it can just be a private internal network.

CODA introduced this technology to their product a while ago and it works very well. For someone familiar with CODA specifically, and web services generally, is pretty easy to use.

What can it do?

CODA web services allows a remote system to interact with the CODA product either by extracting data, or submitting data to be validated by CODA and written to its database as if it had been entered through a front end screen. If you have read our section on CODA XMLi, this may sound sound familiar - the two products are closely linked.

One point to note is that due to the underlying technology, web services is not appropriate for high volume tasks - in practice this means CODA XMLi is a better bet when bulk loading data into CODA. Technically, this is because for every call that you make with web services, CODA has to authenticate the user all over again. This adds a small overhead in transaction time that is not noticeable for an individual transaction; but does build up over several tens or hundreds.

How does it do it?

CODA web services basically 'wraps' up CODA XMLi. Anything you can do with XMLi you can also do with web services, and vice versa.

If you look under the covers of CODA web services you will find the meaningful bit of any call is pretty much identical to the matching XMLi call. As part of the web service wrapper, you must submit a CODA user and password each time; this fulfills the need to authenticate every call.

How can we help?

We have written numerous CODA XMLi and web service based systems, and know how to get the best out of both.

Additionally, and as for XMLi, or any area of this site, we are very happy to transfer knowledge via a training session. Such a session maybe just a day long, or it can last a week or so; it all depends on the exact need. Please contact us to discuss these; we can tailor the training to your specific situation.