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CODA web extension

What was needed?

The requirement was very simple - to display images of purchase invoices from within CODA browse details. Recent versions of CODA have this ability built in, but our customer was at version 10.1, where such functionality needs to be delivered as an add on.

How did we do it?

We worked with one of our partners who had an established relationship with the customer. Our partner met with the customer for design workshops, and produced a classic functional specification document against which all participants signed off.

We developed and tested the software, and worked closely with the customer to implement it; physically the servers were in mainland Europe, and (from the UK) we dealt with the local staff on setup and configuration.

What was the result?

The function worked smoothly, and is a vital part of a large scale Basware Procurement implementation project, which uses CODA as the finance system back end.

How can this help you?

CODA has excellent extensibility options embedded within, which we built on to deliver this project.

Displaying document images only scratches the surface of what can be done with the CODA Web extensions - from within browse details you can breakout into custom built screens that sit within the CODA portal. Thus third party or in-house functionality can be delivered within the context of the CODA application, and indeed a specific CODA document.