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Merret into Sage 200

What was needed?

We worked with a UK high street women's clothing retailer on this project. They were re-implementing their financial system (moving from CODA) and were starting to use the Merret product from Retail Assist. Merret is an operational system, dealing with EPOS and warehousing/stock systems. It makes data available on a daily and weekly basis to load into a finance system.

How did we do it?

We worked closely with the customer to define their interfaces. There were three in total:

  • stock;
  • sales and tenders (EPOS);
  • GRNs.

All had to work seamlessly overnight so all the operational data was available in the finance system each morning.

The main challenge was two-fold:

  • the data from Merret is presented for a finance system, but does not have much finance system knowledge built into it;
  • the business is very dynamic, and the customer did not want expensive change requests each time they changed their business.

We designed a sophisticated mapping and translation module within the interface that enabled the loading of data into the finance system so it all appeared in the correct accounting context. For example, the store codes used in Merret were not the ones used in the finance system; the correct nominal to use depended on transaction type, store type and a range of other factors.

What was the result?

Like many retailers our customer's business really is dynamic, and they needed the ability to be able to change the nature of the data posted, as they added new stores, new product lines, signed up new concessions and expanded overseas. The flexibility needed to do this has all been built into the interfaces. They are driven by powerful, yet simple,'look up' tables. The end result is that, to date, a year after going live, all changes have been accomplished by the accounting team without any need for software changes.

Such flexibility really helps in keeping costs down.

How can this help you?

We think our rates are very competitive, but its even better for you if the software we write needs very little after care support. This is especially true for changes that would costs several days with a more traditional style of interface.