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Data exchange

Data Exchange is a product produced by Eureka Solutions. We have direct experience of using the version that works with Sage 200.

What can it do?

Data Exchange allows flat text (CSV) files to be loaded into Sage. Whilst Sage can do this out of the box, data exchange has three main advantages:

  • it pushes the data into Sage; you don't have to use a Sage menu item to start the import;
  • it can be scheduled to run automatically; you don't have to use a menu item - though you can if you wish;
  • it allows extra data to be imported as well - such as GRNs.

In addition, it provides good error reporting and handling.

How does it do it?

It picks up the CSV files and manipulates them into a format Sage will understand directly, then loads them into Sage.

Any errors that Sage finds in the data are passed back and the entire file is failed - so it then becomes and easy job just to fix the problem and reload the file later on.

How can we help?

The file formats that it uses are effectively the ones that Sage accepts. Some of these can be pretty complex; the documentation is helpful, but nonetheless there are several pitfalls for the unwary. We can easily take any financially related data and, working with the accounting team, quickly produce file formats that data exchange will happily load into Sage 200.

With this experience we can provide a software solution ourselves, or provide expertise to assist an in-house development team, all quickly and cost effectively.