Blue chip professional skills from an independent


We are able to offer training in all of the services that we provide; we can bring your in-house team up to speed in any of these skills via a range of training styles.

Seminar / one-to-one format

We find that training just a few people at a time gives best value for money. A general framework for the knowledge that needs to be transferred can be set to ensure all targets for the session are met. The specific detail can then be driven by the individuals taking part, with our experience ensuring the session never strays too far from its intended aims.

These personal sessions can be anything from a few hours long to several days and they would generally be held on your premises. In normal circumstances they would be charged at standard consultancy rates - pleasecontact us for details.

Classroom-based training formats

We are happy to quote for the more traditional 'classroom-based' sessions. These can be held in your training room, if you have one, or in a local hotel or conference centre and can accommodate up to 10 or so people at once.