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Interfacing can seem deceptively simple; when done well 'simple' is exactly what it is. As is often the case, when not done well it can become problematic very quickly.

Interfacing itself is a fairly generic term. In this context, more often than not, it means 'batch overnight interfacing', which is very important to many organisations.

When done well, such interfaces:

  • just run in the background;
  • give sensible messages when necessary;
  • enable changes to be made quickly and cost effectively - ideally under your control through configuration - as your business changes.

Interfacing also covers many other topics, such as:

  • generating information for credit checks;
  • exchanges between systems, where one system owns the data but others need to know of changes;
  • synchronising systems where the same data exists in more than once place and can be changed in both, or several, locations;
  • loading data and then processing it - for example bank statements/matching.

There are countless other examples; it is rare to find two situations which are exactly the same, but the same general principles can usually be applied.

A core skill

At DSPB Limited we have skills hard won through working at the sharp end of interfacing for over a decade; we won't have seen everything out there, but there is a huge amount we have come across. A general philosophy is to keep it simple; anything complex can be broken down into simple steps, and we believe it is imperative to always do this.

We will work closely with you, so you get what you want. Where we add value is in bringing our experience to bear - we will tell you all the safeguards, nice-to-haves and general 'user-friendly' features we can build into the solution. This lets you guide us to do something different if you wish (you should always be in control) - but if not, it lets you focus on your business rather than force you to get involved in the technical nitty gritty.

Once suitably analysed, a solid design can be produced and discussed, and then the 'building work' can start.

Our aim is to make building the solution - writing the software - as much like a production line process as possible. We really add value through our design. Of course writing the software is a skillful business, and will take time, but we always try to build on previous experience. This means you benefit from all our previous work - and only pay for the incremental effort in tailoring the prebuilt building blocks to your precise situation.